Salsa stands behind their product and customer

Often times people will only fire up their laptop or phone to write a scathing review or complain about blah blah blah. In contrast I’d like to tell a more positive story about my recent experience with Salsa Cycles.

In July of this year I picked up a new 2017 Salsa Pony Rustler from Race Ready Repair in downtown Conroe, TX. I immediately fell in love with it and with riding all over again. This was my first 27.5+ bike and it was like a door to a new world of cycling was opened and I just rolled through. I’ve heard the arguments against plus bikes, but I’m not concerned. The fun elevator is at the top with this bike and I enjoy every minute.


Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

On Sept. 4th I went for a short fasted ride.  Since it was a fasted I wasn’t pushing at all.  I was just enjoying some sweet jams and cooler temps before it started to really get hot.  When I got home I decide to show the bike some love and give it a wash and I noticed a small crack in the carbon seat stay.  I was shocked.  The bike wasn’t even 2 months old, had 228 miles on it, and had never been wrecked.  I just couldn’t figure out how that could have happened and in such an odd spot.  Why would a seat stay break when it’s in line with the rear shock?  My neighbor (who is a former Salsa dealer) came over and scratched his head and hmmmd and hawwwd for a few minutes, but didn’t have any ideas either.

I snapped a few pics and send them to Gary Rodgers the owner of Race Ready Repair.  I got a text back from him eight days later “Frame is here”.  Salsa sent an entire new 2019 Pony Rustler frame in matte black (my color-way wasn’t in stock any longer).  Instead of replacing the whole frame I decided to replace only the seat stay.  I thought it might look cool to have the shock (in black) be in line with the black seat stay.  It has the added benefit of being one of a kind.  Without further ado here is Pony Rustler 2.0 – Limited Edition.


Salsa Pony Rustler 2.0 – Limited Edition

From the time I cracked my frame to the time I picked it up today it was only 18 days.  And it rained most of those days so I didn’t miss much riding anyway!  Thank you to Race Ready Repair and Salsa Cycles for standing behind the products you sell and the customers you service.  I’m a big fan.

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