Exploring my backyard – Sam Houston National Forest

With dreams of Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina in my head I often overlook the vast opportunities for adventure in my own backyard.  Recently, I’ve been on a mission to change that by exploring what is around me.  On Monday we took a short day trip to do some gravel riding in the National Forest only about 50 minutes from our home.  For this trip we decided to “glamp” in our travel trailer (aka Wolf Pup) and setting up a base camp to do rides from.

Through a series of events we unexpectedly found ourselves headed towards Cagle Campground looking for a place to setup camp for the night, our first camping option was a bust.  This turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip, which bodes well for spontaneity and possibly procrastination and poor planning.  Regardless, the end result was that we ended up in one of the most beautiful spots and had an amazing time!  More on that later, but now….it’s time to RIDE!

Immediately after setting up camp we saddled up for a ride.  We didn’t have an exact destination, but we were on a mission to get lost in the loblolly pines, soak in the wilderness, and be hypnotized by the gravel crunching beneath the weight of our tires.

Upon arriving back at camp I found myself nestled in a hammock between two loblollies and enjoying “Of Time, Work, and Leisure” by Sebastian De Grazia.  While Keri found herself nestled between the bedsheets in the Wolf Pup.  Later that evening, after a relaxing afternoon, we were treated to the secret of site #25…sunset watching on the edge of the lake from a hammock.  And what a treat it was!  A slight breeze kept the heat at bay while the silence of the day coming to a close was there to comfort us. These moments when life slow down are so important.  May we all life in these moments for as long as possible.

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