Buescher, Bastrop, and Bikes

On our second date we went camping at Buescher State Park and road bikes at Rocky Hill Ranch. For our second wedding anniversary I surprised her with a trip back to Buescher to recreate that weekend.

Buescher SP Quick Facts:

  • 636 acres was originally deeded to the state by Emil and Elizabeth Buescher. The state park now boast 1,016 acres.
  • Located in Lost Pines less than an hour east of Austin, TX
  • 8 miles of beginner mountain bike and hiking trails are available.  Fun, flowy, and scenic.
  • Buescher SP and Bastrop SP are connected by 12 mile Park Rd 1C.  This is a fairly challenging and scenic ride.  Be prepared for 2,000+ ft of climbing if you ride this as an out-and-back with sustained climbs that will hit 16% grades.
  • The campsites were well treed offering lots of privacy and shade.
  • There is a small lake in the middle of the park that allows fishing and canoes are available for rent.

Keri was playing around with shutter and aperture settings. The 2 is for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Since our last trip to Buescher a forest fire in the fall of 2015 destroyed more than 3,500 acres and over 150 homes in the lost pines area, including parts of Buescher.  I had visions in my head that the park would be in bad shape after the fires, but I was happily proved wrong.  The pristine entrance to the park is a well paved rolling park road that is shaded in a canopy of trees.  As we slowly made our way to the campgroud we couldn’t resist the urge to roll down the windows, turn down the music, and listen to the wind as we soaked in nature.  You could feel the weight of the world dropping of your shoulders in the brief few moments of the drive.

One of the greatest advantages of going to a state park in the middle of the week is you get pick of the litter when it comes to campsites.  We drove around the Oak Haven loop twice looking for the perfect spot, which ended up being #22.  Which was appropriate as we went there on our 2nd date and this was our 2nd time back at Buescher State Park.  The campsite was large with tons of trees that provided both shade and amble hammock hanging opportunities.  There was a path that led down to the small lake and we setup a hammock on the shore as well.




After settling in it was time to ride!  While researching ideas for our romantic anniversary weekend I learned that there is a road that connects Buescher and Bastrop State Parks.  It’s 12 miles each way and is NOT just a “ride in the park”.  Be prepared for sustained climbs with steep grades.  My garmin was reading 16%+ on several of the climbs, but that just means fast downhills!  We were not expecting the ride to be so challenging, more of a romantic anniversary ride.  What we got instead was a romantic anniversary workout and Keri dominated me on the climbs!

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